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Glass Tube & Metal Bodied VA Flowmeters

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Platon GMT Screwed Metal Tube VA Flowmeter

PLATON GMTB & S SERIES Part of the Platon GMT Variable Area flowmeter family,models GMTB and GMTS are brass or Stainless Steel tube flowmeters with female screwed connections. With 1/2”, 1” and 2” BSP/NPT threaded fittings standard, the meters are ideal for arduous industrial service as an alternative to large glass tube flowmeters. They have particular advantages for gas ... (more details)

Platon GMT Flanged Metal Tube VA Gas or Liquid

PLATON METAL TUBE VA FLOWMETER TYPE GMT GMT metal tube flowmeters are variable area meters of totally welded stainless steel construction. Liquid or Gas flowing up the tapered flowtube lifts the float to an equalibrium position, dependent on flow rate, and a magnetically coupled pointer indicates this flow on an external scale. The large meter indication is easily visible at a distance, with th... (more details)

Platon LGX/NGX Glass Variable Area Flowmeters

PLATON FLOWMETERS LGX/NGX Improved industrialised construction Easy to use, high visibility scale Rear ‘blow out’ safety vent Ergonomic design UV stabilised rigid safety cover Gas or liquid flow measurement Operator confidence from float rotation Instantaneous response Accuracy up to ±1.25% FSD Air flow range 5 mL/min to 150 L/min Customised scales Glass tube remov... (more details)

Platon LG/NG Glass Variable Area Flowmeters

PLATON GAPMETER TYPES LG/NG Easy to Use, high visibility scale Simple and reliable Gas or Liquid flow measurement Operator confidence from float rotation Instantaneous response Accuracy up to ±1.25% FSD Air flow range 5mL/min to 150L/min Linear scales, typically 10:1 range Scales 100mm or 30mm long Glass tube removal without tools Alarm Option - ATEX Infrared Alarm Option EN... (more details)

Platon GR/GRV Plastic VA Flowmeter

PLATON PLASTIC TUBE VA METER  TYPE GR, GRV The Platon GR/GRV flowmeters are moulded plastic tube variable area meters with ball floats. The precision moulded tapered tube has guides to stabilise the float, allowing easy flow reading against the clear 50mm long scale. Units are available calibrated for air or water flows. Typical applications are for operator monitoring of cooling, purg... (more details)

Platon GU Glass Tube VA Flowmeter

PLATON SAFETY HOUSED GAPMETER TYPE GU Gapmeters type GU are glass tube Variable Area Flowmeters for direct display of liquid or gas flowrate. The GU housing provides a robust rigid frame, suitable for mounting directly into plant pipework, protecting the glass tube from pipework stress and random plant damage. The safety Perspex window gives good flow visibility, whilst protecting the operator.... (more details)

Platon PG/PGU Plastic Tube VA Flowmeter

PLATON GAPMETER TYPES PG & PGU Gapmeters type PG and PGU are low cost direct reading variable area flowmeters for liquids or gases, in pipe sizes ½” or 1”. The shatterproof TPX moulded tapered indicator tube has a 100mm linear flow scale with a 10:1 flow range. The stainless steel or Dural float rises with the flow to an equilibrium position - flow rate is read from the t... (more details)

Platon Vampire - Electronic Indicator

PLATON TYPE GMTX The GMTX electronic indicator with microprocessor enhanced performance and LCD panel display of flow rate and total, designed for use with a metal tube variable area flowmeter for liquid, gas or steam measurement. Suitable for use with body options, the VAMPIRE (Variable Area Micro Processor Indicator Readout Electronics) has a totally solid state measurement system, elimina... (more details)
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