100mm Scale Glass Tube & Float for Gas & Water

The Platon range of Glass Tube Flowmeters typically uses the 100mm scale length borosilicate glass tube and a float. Based on the well known variable area (VA) principle of low measurement, these flowmeters provide clear, simple and reliable operation.

Platon Glass Tubes from RM&C are individually scaled and calibrated according to customer's requirements. Custom scales are produced using our "Reynolds Curve" prediction software, which uses air or water calibration data corrected for the effects of temperature and pressure on the density and viscosity of the working fluid.

  • Instantaneous response
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Low line pressure loss
  • High resolution
  • Custom scales available on request

Principle of Operation

Fluid flowing vertically upwards through the tapered glass tube causes the float to rise to an equilibrium position. Flow rate is measured by reading the top edge of the float against the scaled tube.

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