Bespoke Design

Roxspur Measurement & Control specialises in offering custom design pressure sensors, using our in-house skill in mechanical, electronic and software design, we will produce a product to meet your requirements. If you need a product to survive in the most arduous environments - we can do it. We have approvals for ATEX IS and have an ISO9001 quality system. If you need cost effective products without added extras - we can do it. Our objective, always, is to provide the right product at the lowest cost of ownership.

Ceramic has almost perfect elasticity throughout its load range; as strong as steel in compression but with an elastic modulus 1.6 times that of steel. Ceramic is one of the most inert substances known, it is extremely hard and acts as an electrical insulator. It’s eminent suitability for low cost, thick film processing allows high quality stability fusion of strain gauges and glass sealing of the capsule. The complete range of Sensit transducers utilises these characteristics to offer:

  • High Output
  • High Frequency Response
  • Superior long term stability
  • High overpressure capability
  • Superb chemical/corrosion resistance
  • High electrical isolation
  • Excellent linearity
  • High impedance bridge
  • Wide temperature range
  • Small diaphragm deflection
  • Unrivalled abrasion resistance
  • Non-magnetic properties

The possible applications of Sensit’s transducers are limitless. Sensit products have been specified in extreme applications ranging from the Arctic to the desert, from the deep sea to high in the sky. Where there is a pressure measurement requirement, Sensit can fill it.

The incredible properties of ceramic enable Sensit to continue measuring where even the finest stainless steels will corrode; where even the hardest materials will wear away; where electrical isolation is vital; where frequency response is essential; where delivery, quality and cost of ownership are paramount.

Whilst we cannot seem to find a match for your specific requirements, please use our Quote Builder, which will tailor a product to your exact needs.

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