Our Brands

Our Brearley brand has substantial recognition in the temperature sensor market, originating from Harry Brearley, Inventor of Stainless steel, who started the company over 100 years ago. We manufacture a wide range of devices from thermocouples, resistance thermometers and pyrometers through to high temperature applications in steel, glass and ceramic industries. 

Platon products are also long established as the foremost industry brand for over 50 years. A variety of flow measurement techniques covers the widest possible range of applications. This includes variable area, shunt and pitot tube flow meters, flow controllers, switches, orifice plates, valves and regulators. We also offer turbine, electro-magnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters.

Sensit is our widely proven range of ceramic hydrostatic level and pressure sensors. Ceramic sensor technology offers superior long term performance in many harsh applications. By developing and manufacturing in-house, a wide range of custom solutions covers OEM capsules to fully packaged pressure transducers and transmitters. We also supply float, capacitance and ultrasonic type level transmitters.

Nulectrohms specialises in high accuracy multi-element temperature sensors and combined temperature and water interface sensors used to measure temperature profile and level in all storage facilities including tanks and aquifers, specialising in hydrocarbon storage. The company also manufactures resistance thermometers and specialist averaging temperature sensors for measuring true averaging temperature in air conditioning, gas turbine engine test beds and storage of temperature sensitive products.

CT Platon specialise in factored items such as, Pumps, life survival equipment (watermakers) for MOD, Diesel starting equipment (Start Pilote) and beer coolers.

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