Miniature Control Valve

Miniature Control Valve

REF: DS1810


The M Valve is a miniature air operated proportional control valve for use on liquids or gases. Available for 1/4”and 1/2”line sizes, a wide range of inner valve trims offer flow control with CV values from 3.0 down to 0.00008. Each valve has a control range of as much as 40:1 and with interchangeable trims the M Valve is ideal for pilot plant control, representing a scaled down version of larger process control valves.

With linear, equal percentage and quick opening control characteristics, the M Valve also has specific application in dosing, sampling and blending systems. Standard valve material is forged 316 Stainless Steel: alternatives of Hastelloy, Monel, PVC or carbon steel body materials are available with Stellite or other trim materials as required.

The standard Air actuator uses a 3-15 psi control input of either Air-to-Open or Air-to-Close. For higher line pressure applications a standard top mounted positioner is recommended, incorporated into the valve. For high integrity applications, alternative designs of valve seal are available. Extension bonnets or cooling fins are used for cold service or high temperature duty.


  • 1/4” or 1/2” proportional control
  • Interchangeable trims
  • CV values 0.00008 to 3.0
  • Air operated
  • Stainless Steel valve and trim standard
  • Linear or equal percentage control characteristics
  • Accurate low flow control


BodyStainless Steel 316 S31 (Options: carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy,PVC)
Trim1/2”Valves:Sizes A-F:Stainless Steel
1/4”Valves:Sizes F-N:Stainless Steel
1/4”Valves: Sizes P0-P9:
Drive Stem: 316 Stainless
Valve plug: Stellite 6
Valve seat: 416 Stainless Steel
Cv/Kv ValuesSee tabulation on datasheet
Control RangeTrims A-N: 40:1
Trims P0-P9: 12:1
Leak RateLess than 1% of max Cv/Kv when closed (the M valve is not an isolating valve)
PackingSolid PTFE Standard (Option: Chevron seal)
Connections1/4” or 1/2” NPT female (Options: flanges or weld fittings)
Pressure150 bar max (subject to valve packing)
Fluid Temperature-75ºC to 190ºC 
(Options to 400ºC with cooling fins)
Valve Stroke1/4” valve 11mm
1/2” valve 14mm
(Visual position indicator on valve stem)



Signal InputDirector acting 3-15psi clean dry instrument Air
Suitable ApplicationsValve trims sized A-N,where pressure drop across valve does not exceed:
Trims A-B:     63psi
Trim C:          85psi
Trims D-E:   140psi
Trims F-J:     360psi
Trims K-N:   1000psi
Positioning AccuracyAffected by pressure drop across valve: maximum offset 5% at DP quoted above
Connection Thread1/4”NPT
VariantsAir-to-Open or Air-to-Close
HousingDie-cast aluminium
Rolling Diaphragm/SealsNitrile rubber
Temperature-20ºC to +50ºC ambient


TypeTop mounted positioner built onto standard Air motor
Suitable ApplicationsValve Trims P0-P9
Valve Trims A-N, where increased positioning accuracy is required, or where pressure drop across valve exceeds the figures quoted for standard pneumatic actuator
Air SupplyMax: 100psi/min: 5psi above required valve actuation pressure
Signal Input3-15psi
Connection Thread1/4”NPT
VariantsAir-to-Open or Air-to-Close
Temperature-20ºC to 50ºC ambient

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