FV Automatic Flow Controller

FV Automatic Flow Controller

REF: DS1521

Platon Type FV Flostats automatically regulate the flow of liquids or gases by using available line pressure. Once adjusted to the required value, flow is maintained accurately at this rate independent of supply pressure fluctuations or varying back pressure downstream of the meter. No electrical power or external flow measurement input is required – the Flostat control system uses the available line pressure to control the balanced control valve, maintaining the flow rate at the operator preset value.

Accurate flow control is vital to a wide variety of processes, for example blending and dosing applications. By keeping the required fluid delivery rate constant, a Flostat can ensure consistent product quality irrespective of process liquid head changes throughout a batch.

Flostat Type FV Flow controllers are used in flow control systems such as aircraft fuel delivery systems, to prevent the hazard of excessive flows and protect metering systems from over-speeding. On natural gas or fuel oil delivery systems to multiple burners, Flostat units can maintain optimum flow rate to each burner independently.

Available in sizes from ½" to 4", all Type FV units can be fitted with a flow scale plate calibrated for process conditions.


  • Fully automatic flow control
  • No power required
  • 1/2" – 4" line sizes
  • 10:1 control range
  • Fast response
  • Suitable for hazardous liquids or gases
Materials1/2” – 3/4”Brass (FVAB or FVBB) or 316 stainless steel (FVAS or FVBS)
1” – 4”Cast iron (FVC) or 316 stainless steel (FVS)
Valve TrimStainless steel
DiaphragmNitrile or PTFE
Connection1/2” – 3/4”BSP female threads
1” – 4”Flanged to BS, EN or ANSI
AccuracyLiquids± 2%
Gases± 3%

Type AConstant upstream pressure
Variable downstream pressure
Type BVariable upstream pressure
Constant downstream pressure
Rangeability10:1 turndown of flow
Max pressure16 bar (or flange rating it lower)
Max controllable pressure
8 bar
Max temperature80°C with nitrile diaphragm
100°C with PTFE diaphragm
Flow scale plateStandard on 1” – 4” units
Option on 1/2” – 3/4” units

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