MN Automatic Flow Controller

MN Automatic Flow Controller

REF: DS1511

The MN Controller is an automatic flow control device for liquids or gases. Once adjusted to the required value, flow is maintained accurately at this rate independent of pressure fluctuations in the supply or varying backpressures downstream of the meter. No electrical power or external flow measurement input is required.

This is ideal for blending or dosing applications to maintain the required delivery of valuable gases or liquids, despite process line pressure changes. Similarly, ideal for use on gas sampling, purging or inert gas blanketing systems to maintain flow rate independent of back pressure. Bubbler type liquid level measurement systems benefit from improved accuracy and lower gas usage when fitted with one of our flow controllers. The MN flow controller is frequently installed in line with a Platon type GU, NGI, LGI, NGIX, or LGIX variable area flowmeter.


MN*B:  Brass polyester coated
MN*S:  316 Stainless Steel

Diaphragm & SealsNitrilePTFE
Temperature max80°C100°C
Pressure max20 bar28 bar
Flow range0.005-100 L/min (air @ ATP)
0.25-3.5 L/min (water @ 20ºC)
ConfigurationType AConstant Upstream Pressure
Variable Downstram Pressure
Type BVariable Upstream Pressure
Constant Downstream Pressure
Max. operating DP7 bar
Min. operating DPSee the Flow Ranges table on the Datasheet
Connections1/4 BSP Parallel
Control accuracy± 2% liquids, ±3% gases

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