Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm

Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm

REF: DS2902

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The OEM pressure sensor is a high performance, cost effective solution available in standard ranges from 100mbar to 600bar. All ranges are available in gauge or absolute format. It is ideal for continuous use in applications where the pressure medium is wet and corrosive and long term stability is of prime importance.
Manufactured from high purity alumina ceramics, the OEM pressure sensor possesses superb chemical and abrasion resistance, making it unrivalled for use with virtually any pressure medium.

The diaphragm of the sensing element has a four active-armstrain gauge bridge fused to its inner face. This direct fusion ensures excellent long term stability and repeatability, which, coupled with the matched bridge network, provides excellent linear thermal characteristics.

  • Superb chemical and corrosion resistance
  • High output
  • High bridge resistance
  • Excellent linearity
  • Low cost
  • Low supply current
  • High electrical isolation
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Small size
  • Bridge balanced at zero applied pressure

Sensor range (bar)
Thickness (mm normal)
Sensitivity mV/V ±30%
Burst pressure3X sensor range minimum
Sensor diameter18.60mm - 19.00mm
Supply Voltage1 - 30Vdc
Operating Temperature-40°C to +120°C
NL&H (%FRO.BSL)<±0.25 (<±0.1 available)
<1 barG<0.2%span/°C
1-3 barG<0.07%span/°C
>5 barG<0.04%span/°C
<3 barA<0.2%span/°C
5-10 barA<0.07%span/°C
>20 barA<0.04%span/°C
TSS (%FRO/°C)<-0.04 typical
Zero output laser trim<±0.2mV/V
Bridge resistance10K ±30%
Long Term Stability<±0.1%/y@25°C
Material96% AL2 O3 ceramics

SKUDescriptionStock LevelPrice /unitEnquireOrder
PP193-0001-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 100mbarMade to Order
PP193-0004-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 400mbarMade to Order
PP193-001-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 1barMade to Order
PP193-002-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 2barMade to Order
PP193-003-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 3barMade to Order
PP193-005-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 5barMade to Order
PP193-010-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 10barMade to Order
This item has a 4 day lead time.
PP193-020-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 20barMade to Order
PP193-050-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 50barMade to Order
PP193-100-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 100barMade to Order
PP193-200-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 200barMade to Order
PP193-400-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 400barMade to Order
PP193-600-03Sensit OEM Pressure Sensor 19mm - 600barMade to Order

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