Flowmeters, Pressure Sensors, Thermocouples and Pressure Transducers from Roxspur

Roxspurs' UKAS accredited laboratory and a team of field-based service engineers provides a comprehensive range of temperature, pressure, flow and level measurement products.
Our product range include pressure sensors, pressure transducers, thermocouples, thermometers, transducers, transmitters, flowmeters and controllers.
Sensit is our widely proven range of ceramic pressure sensors. A wide range of custom solutions covers OEM capsules to fully packaged pressure transducers and transmitters.

Our Brearley brand has a wide range of devices from thermocouples, resistance thermometers and pyrometers for which it has recognition for in the temperature sensors market.
Our Platon products covers a wide range of applications, such as variable area, shunt and pitot tube Flowmeters, flow controllers, switches, orifice plates, valves and regulators. We also offer turbine, electro-magnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters.

Our accredited laboratories in Sheffield are available to provide either on-site or in-house calibration to either UKAS or national standards. From the supply of a single thermocouple to fully managed service contracts, Roxspur can also assist our customers in obtaining and maintaining NADCAP approval.

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